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Mission & Values | Al Falah Islamic School

Mission & Values

Al-Falah Islamic School’s mission is to prepare Muslim students for success in this world and in the Hereafter.

We strive to fulfill our mission by:

  • Providing quality education in an environment that reflects the principles and values derived from the Quran and Hadith.
  • Encouraging the development of an Islamic identity that is rooted in Islamic morality and that confidently and positively interacts with society.
  • Developing the skills required for reading, memorizing, comprehending and applying the teachings of the Quran and Hadith and thereby facilitating knowledge 
of the Islamic faith and its practices.
  • Providing a quality education within the curriculum guidelines of the Ontario Ministry
 of Education to ensure parity with other education providers, both public and private.


Al-Falah Islamic School places strong emphasis on its code of conduct, which outlines the way our students are expected to interact with their peers, teachers, parents, neighbours, and the society at large. The following three character traits define our school’s culture:

Respect – Responsibility – Compassion (RRC)

Our students are taught that respect – for oneself, peers, teachers, family, community, and our environment – is at the core of everything we do at the school. From this foundation emerges the spirit of taking personal responsibility as a Muslim and as a Canadian citizen. When compassion toward everyone is combined with the culture of respect and personal responsibility, we can truly fulfill our mission: Striving For Success- In this life and the Hereafter. Al-Falah Islamic School aims to foster the highest standards of etiquette, or akhlaaq, in students of all ages.