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Staff | Al Falah Islamic School


Here, at Al-Falah Islamic School, we are proud of our high staff retention with one of the lowest teacher turn-over rates among Islamic schools in the Greater Toronto Area! Some of our staff members have been serving the school since its inception and are celebrating more than 19 years of success.

At Al-Falah Islamic School we inspire our teachers for excellence through rigorous professional and religious training.

Principal: Mr. Qureshi 
Vice-Principal: Ms. Ahmed 
Administration: Ms. Alkishawy
  • Junior Kindergarten Teacher: Ms. Khan
  • Junior Kindergarten Assistant: Sr. Rubina
  • Senior Kindergarten Teacher: Ms. Madarati
  • Senior Kindergarten Assistant: Mrs. Khan
  • Grade 1: Ms. Shoaib
  • Grade 2: Ms. Kadri
  • Grade 3: Ms. Ali
  • Grade 4: Mrs. Khan
  • Grade 5: Ms. Bhinder
  • Grade 6: Ms. Fahmy
  • Grade 7: Ms. Khan
  • Grade 8: Ms. El-Hales
  • French: Mdm. Merzouk/Mr. Mesbahi
  • Arabic: Ms. Galaby and Mr. Jummun
  • Gym: Ms. Abdul-Gafoor
Five Ways Al-Falah Prepares Teachers For Success:
  1. Teachers are evaluated yearly by a retired Principal from the Toronto District School Board and our school Principal.
  2. Teachers undergo mandatory professional development throughout the year as they attend workshops and courses organized by educational consultants and organizations.
  3. Teachers actively participate in a Professional Learning Community to enhance their classroom programs, for example with a focus on Literacy.
  4. Our staff is TRIBES certified which allows them to create a collaborative community.
  5. Our low teacher turn-over means consistency in education and focus on the development of our children 

Al Falah’s emphasis on holistic Islamic education and professional development has attracted many brilliant educators and administrators since its development.

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